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Drilling equipment

Devices of Ravetti company, drilling under thrust, rank among the best products for this work operation on the present market.… >>


Bells with viewer

Ravetti™ valve bodies with screen allow operating on pipes in total safety conditions, in order to:  - clean the pipe's… >>


Closing bells with sealing element

The closing bell with a sealing element is a key part of the entire device. It is adapted for mounting on the flat plate closure,… >>


Plate closures

The new flat valve has reduced cross-section (patented), which enabled weight reduction by 35%. This valve consists of two flat… >>

Ravetti 02

Welded-on pieces and sleeves

The original fittings from Ravetti™ are manufactured from high quality materials inspected and approved under relevant… >>


Hydraulic/air drives

For pipe drilling, besides manual crank drive, also compressed air or hydraulic drive systems can be used. There is a motor unit… >>


MD balloons from DN 50 to DN 600

These multidimensional balloons for closing of gas pressure in piping are manufactured by double vulcanization from rubber and… >>