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Ravetti™ STOP/SYSTEM™ conceived in 1990, has always been standing out for its applied technology and utmost reliability. Thanks to these properties, it is leader in the sector of stopper systems on methane pipelines, aqueducts, remote heating networks and Off Shore, with the benefit to operate in total safety without service interruption.

Ravetti STOP/SYSTEM™ is used for depressurization and bridging of gas, oil or water piping. Thus it is possible to provide a shutdown of pipelines in a required part of a network without interruption of gas (water, ...) supplies. The system solves the security problem related to the shutdown of delivery networks.


Our patented STOP/SYSTEM™ is the result of forty years of experience of our Ravetti company and is designed with respect to reliable supply of customers with natural gas.

The equipment includes a by-pass line providing bridging of a shutdown part of a network (see illustration)

Stop/system brings especially following advantages:

  • Maximum safety
  • Uninterrupted supply
  • Easy operation and a small excavation required
  • Fast use of equipment for emergency state resolution and low operating costs

This system is applicable for:

  • metal and plastic distribution systems
  • distribution network of gas, water, oil, ...

STOP/SYSTEM™ Ravetti for plasticSTOP/SYSTEM™ Ravetti for steel


 Closing bell for plasticsClosing bell for steelLightweight closing bells

Video - gas

Video - water


Main components STOP/SYSTEM™

The welding socket is delivered in state when it can be welded on a pipeline immediately without further treatment. After finishing of work, the inner screw plug is screwed in the socket of the pipe fitting and covered with another protective screw plug. This ensures possibility of re-entry into the pipeline.

The sandwich closure ensures connection between the socket of the pipe fitting and closing or drilling device itself. It is made of light, mostly aluminium alloy. It is equipped with an air release valve.

The closing bell is mounted on the sandwich closure and the sealing plug control system is placed in the central part. For smaller dimensions and pressures, closing plug control is manual, for higher operating pressures and dimensions, hydraulic control is used.

The sealing plug consists of an extending rubber ring ensuring maximum contact with a pipe wall. This sealing block is connected with outer control by a sealing shaft. Expansibility of the sealing plug can be controlled through this shaft.

Drilling equipment enables safe drilling through a pipe wall without gas leakage. Necessary saw cutters are delivered in various dimensions, we recommend air-pressure or hydraulic drive to facilitate work.

is a major function which emphasis was placed on during the development of the entire device.

Small gas leakages are common during most of work and are caused by:

  • Wide tolerance of pipeline inner diameters
  • Longitudinal welding
  • Unremoved iron scales

Our plug closing mechanism is the result of forty years of experience in the pipe equipment field. This enables safe carrying out of work with large tolerances of pipe inner diameters. Trapezoidal sections of the rubber sealing ring may be extended and be compressed against the inner wall of the pipe with a large contact area and thus strong suppression of possible gas leakage.

Uninterrupted gas supply
This is resolved using so-called by pass line set, spare pipeline, providing gas supply on interrupted pipeline part, is connected between closing chambers.

Easy operation and need of a small excavation. Only little space is usually available when working on a pipeline, easy installation and handling of the device are priority for us. Also lower demands on by pass line construction arise from this.

Emergency events requiring immediate deployment and small number of people necessary for device operation allow us to offer our customers competitive advantages.