Art. 230

Maximum pressure:12 bar
Diameters:3/4'' - 2''

FOR DRILLING 3/4" TO 2" HOLES ON GAS AND WATER NETWORKS OPERATING UP TO 12 bar. Steel construction protected by double zinc coating. Automatic drilling pressure control by adjustable spring. Working traverse:16 cm or 19 cm.

Variable drilling distance by means of extensions with a device for collecting the hole saw inside the machine. Safety limit switch. Usable in any position. Operating by ratched brace or by pneumatic or hydraulic motor supplied as accessory. Overall lenght: 45.5/51.5 cm


STOP/SYSTEM™: SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS7, SS4*, SS6*, SS1 [24], SS2 [24], SS3 [24], SS4 [24], SS5 [24], SS6 [24], SS PE1A, SS PE1, SS PE2, SS PE3, SS PE4, SS PE5, SS PE6