Closing bells with sealing element

The closing bell with a sealing element is a key part of the entire device. It is adapted for mounting on the flat plate closure, threaded for smaller dimensions, with a flange for greater dimensions. On the side, it is equipped with a ball valve for by-pass line setting up and also an air-escape valve. In the central part, there is a movable control rod and at its end there is an expansion slide valve with trapezoidal sealing rubber (closing element itself). At the upper end, there is a control square for the ring expansion. Slide valve itself (closing element) is formed by two flanges having truncated cone profiles and sealing element itself is inserted between these flanges. In the rear part there are regulating gears.

When the upper regulatory square rotates, the flanges start getting closer, sealing rubber compression and its subsequent expansion will occur. The sealing rubber ring fully adheres to the inner pipe surface, thereby perfect sealing arises.

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For plast


for PE Da=63-225

DN: 63-225   SDR: 11 - 17.6   >>


for PE Da=200-315

DN: 200-315   SDR: 11 - 17.6   >>

For steel


for steel DN 2"- 6"

Maximum pressure: 5 bar   Material: steel   DN: 2''1/5   >>


for steel DN 8" - 16" PN 5 bar

Maximum pressure: 5 bar   DN: 8''-16''   >>

For steel 24 bar


for steel DN 2"- 3" PN 24 bar

Maximum pressure: 24 bar   DN: 2''-3''   >>


for steel DN 6" - 10" PN 24 bar

Maximum pressure: 24 bar   DN: 6''-10''   >>


for steel DN 14" - 20" PN 24 bar

Maximum pressure: 24 bar   DN: 14''-20''   >>