Hydraulic/air drives

For pipe drilling, besides manual crank drive, also compressed air or hydraulic drive systems can be used. There is a motor unit of CS 13 type or CS-6 type available, compressed-air or hydraulic drive can be used for propulsion itself. The manufacturer of these devices is the Italian company DOA ( and it cooperates with the RAVETTI company in the field of drives on long-term basis. 

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Model CS/6

Maximum pressure: 95 bar   Dimensions: 60x40x43 mm   Weight: 42 kg   Engine: 6 HP petrol Start: pulling Acceleration: manual Flow: 20 l/min Oil tank: 6 l Hydraulic transmission: standard EHTMA "C"… >>


Model CS/13

Maximum pressure: 140 bar   Dimensions: 85x60x65 mm   Weight: 75 (85 with liquid) kg   Engine: 13.5 HP- petrol Start: electric Acceleration: automatic with hydraulic piston Flow: 20/30 l/min Oil tank: 10 l Hydraulic… >>



Maximum pressure: 70 bar   HD70 hydraulic motor with an output of 1.2 HP with 0-150 r.p.m. and 70 bar of working pressure, with a lockable safety handle, it… >>



Maximum pressure: 140 bar   HD90 hydraulic motor with control of speed and torque (0-150 r.p.m.), with a control handle secured with a spring for maximum… >>



Pneumatic drill with 0.6 HP and 150 r.p.m. (torque). The engine requires 500 l/min of air. It is suitable for all our drilling… >>