MD balloons from DN 50 to DN 600



These multidimensional balloons for closing of gas pressure in piping are manufactured by double vulcanization from rubber and Kevlar mixture. They are robust but also very flexible and very well adaptable to differences in inside diameter of steel, cast iron or polyethylene pipes.

The balloons withstand internal inflation pressure up to 4.5 bar, which means triple maximum allowed back pressure in the piping that should be closed. In practice, for security reasons, maximum pressure of 1.0 bar is allowed for closing. These balloons have considerably increased resistance to mechanical and thermal damage compared with common rubber balloons or balloons with plastic cover, etc.

They are delivered with rubber protected manometer of measuring range of 0 - 2.5 bar with red marking of threshold of 1.5 bar for internal overpressure. Alternatively they can be delivered also with a manometer of range of 0 – 1 bar for balloons with DN 250 – 600 mm. Connecting inflatable end piece has diameter of 5 mm for balloons with DN 50 – 400 mm or 7.5 mm for balloons with DN 450 – 600 mm.

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