Model CS/13

Maximum pressure:140 bar
Dimensions:85x60x65 mm
Weight:75 (85 with liquid) kg
  • Engine: 13.5 HP- petrol
  • Start: electric
  • Acceleration: automatic with hydraulic piston
  • Flow: 20/30 l/min
  • Oil tank: 10 l
  • Hydraulic transmission: EHTMA standard C & D categories
  • Frame: stainless steel
  • Connections are placed on rotary valves
  • Oil cooler is mounted on suction with nylon centrifugal ventilation

This unit may be used with all hydraulic engines of our drilling equipment and especially also for larger diameters (from 8'' to 20'').

It can be also used with all the tools of EHTMA standard in C and D categories