Model CS/6

Maximum pressure:95 bar
Dimensions:60x40x43 mm
Weight:42 kg
  • Engine: 6 HP petrol
  • Start: pulling
  • Acceleration: manual
  • Flow: 20 l/min
  • Oil tank: 6 l
  • Hydraulic transmission: standard EHTMA "C" category
  • Frame: stainless steel
  • Connection are placed on rotary valves
  • Oil cooler with centrifugal ventilation

This Micro-unit is ideal for combined use with hydraulic motors HD70 and HD90 for motorization of drilling equipment for piping of diameter of up to 6''.

It can be used with the series 3000 intended for holes up to 10'' or can also be used for controlling of demolition hammers, drilling equipment, water pumps and all the tools of C category EHTMA standard.