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The new Stop/System® Hybrid machines mod. H1- H2- H3 are designed to stop the fluids flow in polyethylene, steel and ductile/cast iron pipes with operating pressure up to 8 bar.
They are the result of over 40 years of Ravetti® experience in the design of flow stop equipment and set a new reference standard in terms of versatility and safety in the Gas, Water and Oil industry.
The construction involves the massive use of light aluminum alloys in order to allow the equipment handling as much easy as possible.
The Stop/System machines mod. H1- H2- H3 are characterized by several innovations, including the device which prevents to drill the polyethylene pipes from side to side, the plexiglass viewers with higher visibility and equipped with a knob for compressing the seal around the shaft, the new by-pass nozzle on the mod. H3 stopper housing bell.

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